Sunday, May 5, 2013

MOtherhood 101

This week has been another big one of steep learning on the motherhood trail.  My hopes and expectations of others has both surpassed and deeply disappointed me.  A wise friend of mine, reminds me that I should be documenting the pearls of wisdom from Mr. G.

As luck would have it, this weekend is super busy with work, pottery and hopes for gardening.  The weather seems to have finally turned and bulbs and other wonderful surprises kept arriving in the post.   I thought I had a care plan for the little guy , that filled all kinds of mental and emotional agenda, but he got sick and then it looked like my plan was going to crash and burn.  While I didnt want to make him feel guilty for being sick, I sure did want him to get better so that I could get on to other things than dealing with hundreds of mucus filled kleenexes on the living room floor.

Just when I thought I was going to have to abandon all my plans, Mr. G pipes up and says, dont worry mom, you are a really good supportive mom to your baby gabriel.  Well, I didnt cry but I did feel quite contrite.

He knows I am trying hard, and I just need to trust that things will work out, if I am willing to ask for help and not get so stuck on trying to be perfect.

He is fast asleep, and happy in his house. Thats all that really counts.  The kiln fired off, and Cathy has come to the rescue again!

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