Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bowls abound

I am having a Spring Clearance sale tomorrow to move out the seconds and the odds and sods, so I can get working with a cleaner studio, with less clutter.  I find the stuff begins to create anxiety after a while and I need space.  I am working on more collaborations with other women busines owners so I can focus more on the making and leave the actual selling to others.
While I love being part of certain select events, schlepping the pottery lost its charm a long time ago.  It is just draining and takes too long to recover from.  So hoping lots of folks have gift needs and give good homes to lots of bowls, mugs, wine tumblers, vasess,,,,,,etc...
Two more weeks of throwing and need to do about 100 mugs, 50 yarn bowls, 25 serrving pieces, and get the garden seeded.  My plan is Vitamin B, water, lots of green vegetables and straight to bed, right now.
Good night Irene!  (that is my middle name after all)

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