Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring sale coming soon

It is just about time for a Spring "I cant shlep it no more sale".  Loads of pots in the house and garage, and I am starting to trip over them. They need to find new homes.  I like the colours on this mug for example, but it appears the glaze on the bottom half went on to greener pastures, it leapt off the mug in the firing.  Mishaps, and not what I had in mind pots go off to find homes, not because they arent functional but because they arent what somebody ordered  or they might have a swoopier handle than was intended.
However, there is always somebody who finds the beauty in these things.  I hear there is a new reality program called the undateables, maybe it is something like that.  somebody will see beyond what I as the maker can see.

We are off for a break for a few days, but I will announce sale details , time and venue etc. , but be assured the price will be right!!

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