Thursday, March 14, 2013

Positive feedback can lift the gloomiest of days.

Windy, wet, cold March. Not always inspiring.  I am still struggling with my back and neck, which is probably related to the meds I take for cholesterol.  Need to figure out some alternatives to traditional medicine on that one.
So happy to have my little wren pendant featured in an Etsy treasury.

As well, I received customer feedback that has just filled up my ego cup for today.   Here is what Melssa had to say:
The bowl arrived today! YAY!!! Thank you! It's beautiful and my Mom LOVED it. She told me to tell you thank you from her and said you did a wonderful job :) It came the day after her birthday so on her birthday I told her what was coming and the circumstances. I told her how I wanted a special bowl to replace the one I broke. She has Alzheimer disease so had forgotten I broke her bowl and unfortunately I had to tell her about that part but she was thrilled with her new one and I love how it's heart shaped so she'll remember she is dearly loved. Thank you for everything Nancy

So sweet for her to have taken time out of her day!

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Tawny said...

Awww that's so sweet. That certainly is a much needed pick me up after the weather we've been having lately. :)

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