Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Panic time

So now I am in panic mode, it's the biggest show and sale time of the year, and as always I feel like I should be participating in more events.  Then I feel how stiff I still am, and still taking anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants for my back.  Calm down, that's why you have a "real job" I tell myself .  It is not possible to do shows every weekend , work full time and be a sane single parent and not go over the deep end.

However, it doesn't seem to reduce my feeling that I should be doing a better job of promoting myself and my work.  This part doesn't come easy, as I am incredibly critical of my pottery, garden and "real work".  So for now, I will just keep plugging along, hoping that some wonderful new boutique buyer or corporate customer will decide that my pots are "just what they need".  Here's hoping.

Hoping to see folks on November 27th at the Vineyard Sale, it looks like it is going to be fantastic and I love that the proceeds will go to Women's projects in Nepal.  check out their website , it is quite beautiful.

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