Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something new and fun!

I was asked to be a featured potter on a pottery/food blog out of Massachussetts today.  She found me through Etsy, an unexpected pleasure.  I think there are a lot of functional potters out there, who relish the thought of people using their bowls, cups, plates in every day situations of meals.  I think of it as being a part of somebody's family.  People often take a lot of time choosing mugs, right shape, right colour, right weight, not too heavy, not too light.  It seems like a highly personal decision.  I think it's cool that out of all the choices they have on e commerce sites like Etsy, that some people choose mine, when there are thousands of options before them.

Handmade is still the best, and will always have an important place, even if it feels like everyone's dollars are going to Best Buy, Visions, and Ipods and Ipads, etc... Still don't really know too much about all of that, but I do know about making my mugs.  Back to the wheel.

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