Monday, July 23, 2012

Everyready Bunny, 2 lives down how many to go?

We have added a little rabbit named Kanin (rabbit in Danish) to our family over the last six weeks. She appears to be an albino mini rabbit with little pink eyes.   She was  rescued from the clutches of a cat. She seemed a" little off "at first, but over the last month it seems she has suffered some brain damage and can't hold her head up, and balance and eyesight are problems for her.  She sure can eat, and now runs around in circles when we give her any attention.

The other night a nasty raccoon , tried to get her from behind the chicken wire in her cage.  I think I heard her scream and was face to face with Mr. Raccoon who probably outweighs her 10 to 1.  I didn't want to get too close at 3:30 am either.  However, the light and my rattling around seemed to have scared him off. That's two lives she used up now, in the morningI went out with great trepidation and fear at what I might find and she looked pretty dirty and weary.

Good news is she continues to eat, drink and greet all visitors by running around in circles.  Is she a kindred spirit I wonder.  no pictures of her yet, I will work on that.

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