Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring has arrived , time to make a bird feeder.

My name is Nancy Blokland and I have the joy of being a mom to a creative and busy five year old. We live in a part of Canada where we just got through another snowstorm in the last week. We hope that this time it is really spring. As soon as we can, that means 5 degrees celsius and above, we are in the yard and garden. During the winter I focus more on my functional pottery, but now it is time to get outside. I am a big believer in having my child learn early about recycling, art and caring for our world. Just after Easter on a day off from work seems a perfect time to do a craft that incorporates all those values. What could be better than a bird feeder made from a milk jug to hang in our apple tree. Take a gallon or 4liter milk jug and cut a good sized hole, it only looks like my son did it, but it is pretty easy to cut. Decorate or paint with acryclics stickers, probably not shiny objects as that would be a detractor. Poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage, and put in about a cup of bird seed , not too weighty. I hung it up with ribbon, and placed it outside the living room window, where we sit to watch the wildlife that comes to our yard. Now back to the pottery studio, and getting ready for Spring Sales. Please keep up with other gardening and crafting projects on my blog at NancyBloklandPottery@blogspot.com.
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