Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I't's summer now!

I did the Out to Lunch Festival over noon hour today, on a closed downtown street.  Live music, farmer's market atmosphere, free samples, and lots of sunshine.  I was sure glad of the kiosk provided by Downtown Biz, thanks Lola!  I feel a little barbecued, but I am sure it would have been worse without.

It was great to see people out in the street shopping and enjoying themselves.  Thanks to my buyers, and it was great to hear feedback from so many new people!  I would like to do that again.

Only a semi mishap, trucking down the street with my pots from the truck and the two containers fell off the dollly, it's not really meant for city streets I guess, so next time industrial strength dolly for sure.  I haven't had the courage to see if anything broke.

Now on to Brandon, for the Folk Festival, I am very excited, it's been at least 15 years, so this will be different with Gaby and Daddy in tow.  Pictures to come next week!
Enjoy the sun, zucchinis are growing like mad, I hope there are lots of them, a batch of new recipes to try out for Market.

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