Wednesday, January 20, 2010

immobilized, paralyzed or just lazy.

It must be January.  I haven't touched the clay in more time than I want to admit.  My spirit is willing and eager, but the body is wimping out on touching that cold, possibly dry mass awaiting me in the next room.  I know as soon as I get in there, I don't want to stop, and the various constituencies or interests in my life will be competing with the clay for time allotment again.
The perennial challenge, how to use the time I am allotted, which never seems enough.

Need to get started on spring pots, before I know it I will be submitting applications for shows and then wondering,,, do I have enough stock to do this?? Tomorrow I promise myself really, maybe I will feel less zoned out after the "real job" and get to throwing.

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