Monday, March 11, 2013

Tax Time and Rubbish!

I have set myself a goal to have all the paperwork ready for the accountant for the taxes for March 15th.  I didnt have shoebox of papers but an entire laundry basket, that became too heavy to even lift.

Well, of course when I began to rummage through there, there are burger King receipts, drawings from a very talented Grade 1 student ( Mr. G) and other treasures, but a whole lot of rubbish!  I try to have less paper and junk coming to the house, but we are burning lots of paper from the bank, since I dont feel comfortable putting it in the compost, and I already killed one shredder.  We will at least try to roast marshmallows on one of the loads this evening, and make something useful out of a whole lot of unsolicited material!

  will be glad to be done with the rummaging with the papers, so I can get to the clay. Red clay is on my agenda for this week.  Also very happy to have 2 confirmed CSA families signed up for my urban farm project!!


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