Monday, October 1, 2012

Wise words found on Etsy

 I like reading the posts on Etsy from other artists, entrepeneurs who have quit their day job.  While that is still a goal of mine, I will work to continue to refine my market, my product and my clay voice.

Today I read one where I thought there were some things worth repeating, and might resonate with other mompreneurs.

What are your best marketing tips?
  • Try to keep a consistency with your branding and make sure there’s a web address on your packaging so folks can find you.
  • Don’t say dumb stuff on Twitter.
  • Be you; tell people about yourself. It’s nice. YOU sells — however bonkers it may be

I think enjoy other peoples uniqueness and their common likes and dislikes.  The virtual world of the internet necessitates that we think about how long lasting and wide ranging our words will be.  You cant take it back, we need to remember that. 

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