Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marathon, home srretch

Yup, the refining and tweaking of how to achieve balance continues.  I am on the fourth day, ône day for set up included of the biggest show of the year.  Biggest, in terms of vendors, and folks attending.

Well, first for the good news, some of my pots are going to have interesting lives with their new owners.  I always say that my pots need a home , other than mine.  One turquoise leaf plate is going to a woman who makes her own goat cheese, and by the way I used to work with her dad, but I didnèt find that out till half an hour into the conversation. That was fun.
It was not so fun, to try and complete two sales with last minutes customers, and have the lights turned out. I really didnt want to try and find my way out in the dark.

more stories to come, but I better put on my jacket, and get over there. Hoping to come home with shelves and empty boxes!!!

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