Friday, April 15, 2016

Giveaway Time at NancyBloklandPottery

Spring is here, at least today;  It is rainy and grey, but I am sunshiney cause I can announce that I have 2 new stockists as of today!.

Proud to be in and part of Ram Wools Cooperative at 989 Portage Ave. (Portage and Sherbrook).  They reached out to me and are supporting lots of local talent like Boomerang 360, Michael Lemur, Karen Taylor, Helga Schulte-Schoor and her fibre creations.  I felt at home as soon as I walked in, and was greeted by Jason and Lori. They are carrying my yarn bowls, buttons, mugs and more.  Here is the link to the store,

Wheat trays and yarn bowls, buttons at Ram Wools

Plant hangers and pots over at Jardin St. Leon

Closer to home, I am really happy to have my plant pots, plant hangers, vases and mugs at Jardin St. Leon, our local centre of fresh produce and all round good food.  They are getting to open for Mothers Day weekend, with lots of new and fresh ideas and of course all the forever favourites.

So pleased with all the pots moving out into the world, and I am in the mood for a give away. I love reading other people's blogs on pottery, gardening, fashion and more and hope that mine offers something interesting too.
heres is how we will do it, first person to leave a comment, and share this blog with someone, will gain a credit in my Etsy store,
for 50% off of any purchase,


Linda Starr said...

love your plant hangers, do you do the macrame ? did it years ago and can't remember how I did it but I love the look

Nancy Blokland said...

we have a winner, Linda I will send you a message, with your code. Always love your participation.

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