Friday, April 8, 2016

My CSA progress report, more than just carrots

Even though Spring is mighty slow to come to Winnipeg, the response to the membership drive is going well. Thought I should offer some nitty gritty details about what a CSA is.  
 Sign up now to get our food box for this summer into the fall harvest, only  a few spots left to ensure that there is abundant harvest for all the share holders. .

How does it work?  Every second week for 14 weeks, mid-July till the end of September you get to pick at the urban farm 273 Enfield Cr., between 5-7 pm.   alternates are welcome if you send me a heads up email at

What do I grow??  The season will start with leafy greens and herbs (tea, culinary and medicinal), edible flowers like pansies, zucchini blossoms and calendula. The unsung hero of Manitoba,  rhubarb. then there are the beans are usually mid July and there will be many different kinds, then zucchinis yellow green and striped and cucumbers.   August is always the most bountiful with squashes, tomatoes, peppers, sometimes the apples beets and carrots. In September and early October  I hope for pumpkins and butternut squash that grow high into the hedges,, so it is always a  treasure hunt. If there is surplus it will go to market, but this is an idea of the nutritious beauty we harvest every year.

When things get slow there's baking from cookies to zucchini chocolate cake, muffins , chutneys, salsa and surprises!

The cost for an Casi Cielo share?   325.00 for the season covers 14 weeks between July and the end of September, Mother Nature will decide some of the specific pick up dates, but there will be pick ups every second week during that time period.

How do I sign up?  You can email to let us know that you will be taking a box.  You can send an email transfer or Paypal to , with the message casicielo.  check out our group on Facebook for updates, photos, recipes and more Nancy Blokland Casi Cielo.

Don't delay.  We have limited spots left.   

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