Monday, August 16, 2010

Unexpected blessings

I just read the latest post by Jen Mecca Pottery, and it was really affirming. Besides loving Jen's pots and feeling inspired and simultaneously jealous of the beautiful work she produces, I often find that her posts are very afffirming. She too struggles with the working parent, potter dilemna. In other words, where do we find the balance. This weekend, nothing went as planned, but when I look at these pictures, picking apples in our own yard, the bounty of that harvest, making pickles from my cucumbers and onions, just like I was doing with my mom 33 years ago on this date when Elvis died, and still being able to crank out a few teapots,,well that's pretty rich. At least in my eyes, I am pretty close to living my dream. When my little boy says I just want to be with you, there's not much more I could ask or dream of at that moment. Tomorrow, some more mugs without handles and those elusive butter bells. Stay posted, Customer appreciation day at Pineridge Hollow on Saturday, sure to be some stories there.
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