Monday, March 28, 2016

Apologies to the Vegetarians, but I am like a chicken running around with her head cut off

I can hear my mothers voice saying... you are running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  To sum it up without being gross, i am unfocussed and kind of going in circles today. We have been home with the long Easter holiday and I did not make a plan or a list. Mistake Number 1.  I need lists and plans or I feel quite unbalanced, like a chicken without a head.
Even the boy has gone out to play and says he is continuing his story line, with his box full of weapons, spy gear and what not, he is teaching Mama.

so...1. finish laundry that I started on Saturday.
       2. price and pack mugs for WEST show
       3. go down and trim pots made on Sunday
        4. Breathe
        5.  pack suitcases for Spring Break Vacation
        6. WEST meeting

typical weekend day, but i am sure I have left out lots...

Happy to report that sales have kind of taken off...both in the Etsy store and with selling opportunities.
Now, the challenge is to keep producing pots I am proud of, and to meet the increasing demand. I am trying out an approach of seasonality priority. So for the month of April, it will be outdoor and garden related pots.
succulents plant pot glazed and raw
Altered Vase

Country Kitchen Vase torn but not broken

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