Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Social Media is making me competitive!!!

Social media and Etsy are my idea of business life lines since I still work full time in addition to being a potter.  I can't be physically present at the shows due to time constraints but I can do coordinated postings that recently have helped me have my work shown in two more galleries, wholesale orders , and an up and coming opportunity at our local greenhouse and market.  I find it inteteresting that so many makers still say they spend 80% of the time on making and 20% on the rest of the tasks associated with running a business in this century.  I wish!! Maybe I just need another social media app to better organize my social media time.  I smile LOL when I write this.

I am developing a preference for viewing Instagram; visually oriented I like to see all that beauty at the end of my day, or when I need a different perspective.  @nancybloklandpottery is my Instagram, and I cant say that I am optimizing how to use it, but so far it seems quite forgiving. Pinterest is something that I try to give 10 minutes a day, and have found loads of inspiration there as well as use it to loop people back to my Etsy store. I have 72 boards, but am shocked to see that I have 72 boards with 3.6 k followers. Just having fun, it is quite effortless, and interesting to see the pins people pin every, and I mean every single day about things like wax resist techniques and handbuilt pottery trays.
This is one of my top Pins, which seems surprising to me.

Without Instagram and Facebook these people would likely never find me. Sometimes it can be taxing trying to get views, likes, knowing what will capture attention without seeming like I am only interested in shameless self promotion.  I get frantic at times about how many likes a picture got or how many followers have I picked up. then of course follows the internal debate about what does it all mean anyway in my "real" life?? Spring is coming and I will soon be in the dirt outside with weeds and bunny droppings, as Margaret Atwood says, at the end of the day in Spring our hands should smell like dirt. I must agree, not like a keyboard.

Holiday week coming up when I will unplug, which will be an exercise in restraint,  but Mr. G is my own personal police force on that one. Happy Easter and Season of New Hope.

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