Sunday, February 5, 2012

Will they like them??

So it's all well and good to be moving ahead with all these new pots and new colours, etc..But now, will people like them...I am always second guessing myself on this.  I don't want to be stodgy and just repeating the same colours that I like and that sold well last year,,, that seems way too "civil servanty" for me.

However, it was a good year financially in spite of the"economy" and now am I messing with that, is that sado masochistic, or brave??? i am not quite sure and am probably using energy on worrying about it, that might be better invested in something else, and I don't mean eating more pretzels or ice cream bars.  Only 12 days till the Big Festival du Voyageur show begins.. this is a first and a cooperative venture, so lots of new ground. Nervous doesn't quite describe my feelings and so I will just wait and see.  I hope the weather stays cold enough for the snow sculptures but not so cold that I need to buy more outerwear.  Did I mention this Festival is outdoors for 9 days in a tent. I think I am trying to forget that part, since I shiver at Farmer's Market in September sometimes. I hope all my fellow Winnipeg and WEST artisans come out to visit, maybe group hugs can help keep me warm.

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

good luck! sounds like quite the adventure!!!

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