Friday, September 21, 2012


Dont usually like to admit my vulnerabilities but feeling pretty beat up today.  I am struggling with chronic pain and headaches, and no relief in sight.  Its been about 5 weeks, and no amount of massage therapy, stretching, resting or Advil etc seems to be helping. This is abnormally long, and no I didnt lift something heavy.  It is also kind of scary, with people trying to be helpful who say things like fibromyalgia. I no that illness is never convenient, but everyone morning I am hoping to get out of bed without agony or a headache.  Looking for answers, and not getting any.

I am often told that I take on too much. Perhaps that is true, and need to continue to work at balance.  I have a really hard time, relaxing at home because of all the undone things around.  Perhaps that is a woman thing, not sure.  I dont like for my little man to hear me moaning, or not being able to do things so I usually persevere.  Feeling frustrated and hoping for a solution soon.  Look at that face, wouldnt you want to make him smile like that. His hugs are pretty good therapy that is for sure.


we are bound together said...

Hi Nancy,

Sorry to hear that your struggling..but then it's good to get that off your chest isn't it? I can understand some of what your going through, as I have severe Endometriosis, so I struggle a lot too. (Especially after moving and getting ready for our 1st WEST sale!). Sometimes getting going is hard. I think it is a woman thing! Certain things just need to get done, even when we know we should rest. I hope you find the answers and, more importantly, relief.

Looking forward to finally meeting you at the WEST sale!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

hugs Nancy
I would be fallen apart if it weren't for my chiropracter, for me, that works

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