Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pottery Handbuilt Tray Tutorial

I thought it would be interesting to show the building process of a tray for tea service or food.
1.  roll out a large piece of clay about 3 eighths of an inch thick, I just use a rolling pin.  then I create texture with doilies or clay fondant tools, or a mix of leaves, stamps or whatever theme I am going for at the moment. As March marches on with more an dmore snow. I need flowers, so you see daisers here.this photo shows a thrown ring of clay, freshly pulled off of the bat it was thrown on, nice and soft so I can work with making the shape I want.
the next step is the most important, wetting and scoring the bottom of both pieces, so they adhere without cracking.
Once the two pieces have been shaped, cut and joined with slip and lots of smoothing and sponging, then it is time for handles.  This was my first attempt, swirly and curly, but I opted to long and lean in the end. This is where the project is at now, slowly drying to avoid cracking. Stay tuned for more photos, what colour should I make it. Perhaps Emerald Green to go with St. Patricks Day!

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