Wednesday, April 6, 2011

9 days left

Scattered Seeds Spring Show is only 9 days away. that means I have lists to make , pots to pack, tables to order and a truck to pack.  Then to remember what I have forgotten.  I am excited and nervous, 3 days of a show, that's a marathon for me.  I will look forward to seeing friendly faces throughout the 3 days, and hope for lots of sales for our upcoming adventure that I still haven't told Gabriel about. Shhh!it's a secret that we are going to the Land of Mickey and Minnie!


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I know exactly how you are feeling! take a deep breath and write a really good list - it will all be fine!! Having a Thursday night set up is really great, then if you forget something you can just bring it the next morning :)

nancy-Lou said...

Hi Nancy, love the vibrant colours and designs....would you be interested in coming to a juried craft sale ( all crafts have to be made by the crafter ) in Victoria Beach? They are upscale sales or buyers who "bring" their pocketbooks. Very well attended and this will be our 16th year. Three summer sales...Northern Lights Artisans. We are looking for a potter of your quality. Let us know.......... I will send you the info by email
.Nancy-Lou Ateah / Northern Lights Artisans

nancy-Lou said...

Love your pottery...would you be interested in coming to the summer craft sales at Victoria Beach. We are looking for a potter of your quality and they are invitation only sales. This is our 16th year. Irene's Soaps or t beach would give us a good recommendation. This will be our 17th year and the sales are always well attended.
Nancy-Lou Ateah / Northern Lights Artisans. I will email you the registration forms if you like but need your email address.

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