Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great hopes for the weekend and What nots

In addition to a Batman birthday party, I have a shipment of clay being delivered.  I have great hopes for productivity.  On my list are some more berry bowls with plates, knitter's bowls and some "flower bowls".  We shall see how it all emerges.

As the temperature rises this weekend, so does the humidity.  I will have no excuse for things drying out too quick. This is a photo of  what my firing partners have come to call the what nots,  or the filler for the kiln.  I sometimes think of them as "the bread and butter" .  Often as not, it's those little trays, bud vases and things that pay for the firings and the cost of the shows, big things like platter and tea pots are the "gravy".  So here are some what nots ready for the bisque.

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