Tuesday, July 5, 2011

time for festivals and farmer's markets

while it is sometimes debatable whether or not crafts should be at Farmer's Markets, or should I be at Farmer's Markets I have decided that it meets my criterion for what is important.

Sometimes I only just cover my costs in attending to the event, but what I get out of it is "real" social interaction. The market is something I dearly miss from living in South America. It was a place to see and be seen, catch up on the local news (gossip) and find some funky goods and great locally grown food. I am not going to make the comparison to grocery shopping in our chain grocery stores, I don't think I need to.

I am looking forward to packing up my smaller pottery items and my precious vegetables from my micro urban farmer and heading off to Market. It's time to catch up with my local vendors, be outdoors for several hours at a time in the elements, and to be entertained by local buskers. The people watching is pretty great too. With 14 markets in the city, there is sure to be one close to you. See you there I hope!

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