Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I always find this day to be pretty loaded emotionally, irregardless of your "love" status.  Couples feel a whole lot of pressure, those who aren't part of couples feel marginalized, and parents (like me) feel like they dont' want to buy any more Spiderman valentines to do what all the other people are "expecting". 

I always liked the way the Cubans termed this day, a day of love and friendship. This feels a whole lot more inclusive, a day when we can show appreciation of friends and family.  I am a great supporter of the "collected family" , people we choose to bring into our circle, and this is a time when I can show my appreciation for all the aunties, uncles and Grandparents that our little family is blessed to have.

So Happy Valentines Day and back to the kiln.

more photos soon!

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