Sunday, August 17, 2014

Say it isnt so!

Mid-August, and my usual sense of dread is kicking in. September is a comin.  We have had a wonderful summer of being home based for the most part, and taking full advantage of our local outdoor pools being free.
 Lots of time spent weeding, harvesting and just admiring the marvel of the gardens growth and recovery from a deer coming into our urban farm.

So glad that my butterfly plants such as Swamp Milkweed are attracting the fabulous monarch butterflies.  My heirloom tomatoes are growing wonderfully and seem to be benefitting from the epsom salt treatments too.

 As soon as August 15th hit, I had the need to get back on the wheel.  Some folks came by yesterday and bought my last 3 black mugs.  Ok, reality check gotta make mugs for the shows and stores I am committed to between next weekend and December!

As disciplined as I tried to be making large mugs, I found myself pulling up the walls for covered jars, vases and bowls..Fired a kiln yesterday, pictures later.

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