Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pots for Foodies

this wanna be farmer is again making lots of food and beverage focussed pots. Real food and real pots just seems to be a good fit.  If you are going to the expense of finding real food for you and your family, it makes sense to serve it in and on real plates and containers.

Salt shakers, Salt pigs, butter dishes,mugs, tea pots,  bread trays... focussed on food for 2016.   For a change of pace from round I really am liking squared

 Sadly some of the square ones are cracking on the seam, so if I were logical I would charge double, but I dont see that happening. No pictures of any good ones, hoping for at least one in this kiln.

Wanted to let all the blog readers in on a contest I am participating in with the Manitoba Etsy Sellers: great chance to win lots of goodies, and my friends and family are eligible to win:  here is the link:

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