Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loading of the kiln

The gas fired kiln at the Stoneware Studio in Winnipeg where I fire has a door that has to be bricked up and each every load.
It holds 5 stacks of pots which is a lot of work, and we fire cooperatively including some student work as it fits in.
goblets, bowls, mugs, vases in stoneware and porcelain
This is the door almost complete with the "peep" sticking out so that the temperature can be checked as it is firing to ensure that it reaches cone 10 before it is shut off. It will be started tonight about 10 pm, and go off somewhere tomorrow afternoon. I am lucky that Ray will be babysitting it , as I will be back at the office. Gabriel worked on learning to brick the door too and actually enjoyed it! Go figure.
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