Friday, February 4, 2011

how to be a potter and never touch any clay

As I have alluded to many times before, the whole promotion marketing things seems to become more and more time consuming.  I am not saying it isn't interesting, but,  Etsy has become a major time filler as does FB, the blog and on line meetings.  I have not actually thrown anything (due to sprained ribs from coughing in at least a few weeks).  I am hoping that this weekend I can load my new electric kiln as I bought some posts today and will take pictures of what for me at least is a whole new adventure as a potter. I have never had my own kiln before, and while I am incredibly intimidated I hope that I will take full advantage of it being right here at home. No more shlepping raw work to the studio to be bumped by some well meaning person and having nothing more than garbage to show for hours of work.
I have had an Etsy sale this week, yeah! Is that like an epiphany???

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