Sunday, September 29, 2013

Location, Location what it can mean

Location, Location, Location or in the crafters case, venue, venue, venue!  Maybe we see a listing for an art show or festival, and think sounds neat but I dont fit that category.  Well, I now want to give my show time to Fibre Festivals.  Wow! The two fibre festivals I have gone to this year with my Yarn Bowls and buttons have been fantastic!  I was able to meet the owner of PoCo Creations and Beads of 575 Archibald St. who is now going to be carrying my buttons!  More local collaborations, I love it!  Spent the day with Louise May of Aurora Farms and that is always time well spent! We are cooking up more projects, and of course a customer gave me a new product idea!! That is why I dont just stay in my studio creating alone. My extroverted self needs the input of others.
my booth with great natural light

My former neighbour and lovely lady Daria of Cloud 9 productions.

The inside scoop on my mugs, lots of them left for sale.

Jam packed with folks who appreciate and understand handmade, so they can enter into great discussions about what they like and want in the future and are prepared to spend on my product, because they are MAKERS too.

And for those who think you shouldnt put too many fiber artists together, it was like a multipication of interest and buzz in the room. The great thing about the arts is the individuality and how we use the medium we have in front of us.. There was no duplication at this show, at least not from my vantage point. 

I will be looking for more new and different venues, since I think that is why my customers yearn for, tried and true doesnt always translate to success.  I am madly making and firing again today because we have almost half a week off for a family celebration and then it is back to back shows. WEST, Scattered Seeds, and Hot to Shop!

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