Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Too many good things.

September and October have become crazy busy months.  Now that we are part of the "school" world I am having to accomodate more to allow for reading all the correspondence from the school, making sure I send the right food, the right colored clothes on the right day, and a whole lot of other rights. So with trying to make pots, sell pots and blog about pots, I forgot to pay the car insurance. Thank goodness for overdraught until I get to the bank with the cheque from the great show on the weekend.
Getting ready for my biggest 3 day show of the year, and feeling like I am going to forget something for that, like maybe the pots.  Whatever else happens we had a successful Halloween party here on Sunday for the age 5 and 6 group. This is an example of the fun we had with apple bobbing. Hope your Halloween is shaping up to be safe and fun filled.

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