Friday, August 24, 2012

Entrepeneurship gone left

The time has come for my 6 year old to start learning the value of a dollar, and hard work.  So to this end, we were doing lemonade stand as part of his efforts to save money for something he had lost the week before and wants to replace.  As part of our Art in the Garden, he was supported to sell lemonade and some of our vegetables.

My favorite moment was when he sold two glasses of lemonade to Tawny Bees children, but then thought he should give Logan a tip.  We are still working on concepts of change, tips, etc... but I think we all enjoyed that.

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Tawny said...

Haha that was super cute! And now my children have decided that your little man is the coolest and have been practicing with their own "pretend" lemonade stand to be just llike him. And yes... they give out tips too. Oooops. They'll learn eventually. :)

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