Friday, August 24, 2012

Late August and the heat wave continues

Well after a month away from the real job, i should be feeling accomplished, well rested and like I have really offered my child lots of one on one quality time.  Hummm....somehow none of that has happened.  Parenting on my own continues to throw challenges to my abilities to stay the course, go with the flow of my mental schedule for gardening, pottery and rest having vey little to do with reality.

I am not quite sure to blame my back flaring up on, but it has, so this has slowed me down considerably too.  Did I mention that it was 30 plus degrees again today, so no canning or jamming has occurred in this non air conditioned house, and quality sleep has been elusive since we left the hotel in Orlando.

Little man seems to be struggling to get over this strep, so this mama better get to bed, so I can have smiles and energy for tomorrow.  My  mom used to have a saying,,,,it├Ęs a great life if you dont weaken.  It now makes so much sense.  See this wildness in the garden..its not tidy, but it sure is full of food.

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