Saturday, October 27, 2012

the Yarn Bowl debacle

so for those who want to know if I allowed myself that indulgent lemon cake post Craft show.  Not yet!  But I have big plans for next Friday, at least 2 hours of narcissitic self indulgence.  Who wants to join me.

Now to the yarn bowl situation.  I started out early in 2011 making a few yarn bowls.  By now, I am supplying 4 or 5 different locations around the province.  Peoples comments and thoughts are endlessly interesting.  I still love the one where the man said to his female companion. I guarantee thats a mistake in reference to a yarn bowl.  I said, and I guarantee you are not a knitter.

It has progressed from there.  Now I am making small bowls for alpaca wool and will be progressing to larger flatter bowls for Aran knitting with four different balls going at once.  it certainly keeps it interesting, while making basically the same item over and over.

here are a couple of samples

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