Thursday, December 13, 2012

coming to the end of production

just passed a few weeks of order flurry and lots of customers still coming by one at a time. Wishing for a better show room set up, as I am currently hoarding the living room, which doesn t leave much space for play dates. Tomorrow afternoon will likely be given over to this.
Need to do one more firing with order of wine tumblers.

 i am still not really happy with the cone 6 clay I am firing at home, handles are a major problem as they dry very poorly, at least in my dry climate.  Another goal for next year, find a better clay body for me and my work.

We had a great break in Orlando, I bore the heck out of the boy with my garden pictures, I am so envious of those who live in the higher gardening zones.  here are a few photos.

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