Friday, January 25, 2013

Gardening Resources for a Muddy mama!

i am consiously trying to grow organically this year, and that means starting with seed that is not treated, many heirloom varieties and not GMO.  I keep thinking that I have already ingested a whole lot of chemicals in my food, but would like to lighten the toxic load on family and friends that eat from our garden.

rhubarb and beets were bumper crops right through September
tomatoes, grown from seed by the Master Gardener Grandma Lenore were meaty and wonderful.
So far, I have ordered seed fromWillam Dam seeds, a Canadian company out of Dundas, Ontario and a limited amount from T and T here in Winnipeg, and am hoping to place an order today with Tanya of Heritage Havest Seed from Carman, Manitoba. the range of choices for everything is a little overwhelming but marvelous.

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