Friday, March 29, 2013

Building our Fairy Garden

Spring break hasnt been much of a break, but we did get out to a local garden centre, St. Marys Garden centre and Mr. G fell in love with the fairy garden oranments and plants.  He couldnt wait to come home and plant it up.  We plan to expand it when the snow finally leaves, and add more plants and a sweet little cottage.  I am so happy when he gets excited about gardening.. He is faithfullly watering his wheat grass everyday.  Tomorrow we will plant some heirloom yellow tomato seeds. Grandma Lenore the Master Gardener will be so proud
I am hoping to recreate and create some pieces to open a new Etsy shop, teeny weeny bird feeders, and benches have to be more reasonable to send in the postal systme. 

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