Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Party

Our Summer Solstice Celebration in the Garden last night was a great success. The weather was pretty threatening in the afternoon with predictions of storms, but we were luckier than Alberta and it became clear and hot.

The nibblies were wonderful with Spiros Triangles, Tomato and Bocconcino bites, carrot cake, lemon basil cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, smoked salmon dill quiches, lemon tarts, rhubarb punch, passion fruit punch and blueberry sun tea.

Customers and visitors came throughout the evening both new and old. We had a great turnout and good energy abounded.

some green pots

Aelios Design jewellery

Hoshi Handbags

Kay Lew and her Paverposl work
Kara had her work here, Tawny Bee made us her only sale this year, as well as Cathy Laver Wright and Mary Kay. More photos and rcipes to follow  in the next post!

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