Friday, July 19, 2013


Grateful for Friday, even though it is a working weekend.  Summer is whirring along quickly with hot weather, fierce rain storms and a crazy growing garden.  I am not too disciplined with my studio time, but I think that is allowed as winter was pretty grinding.

tomorrow we have decided to have what we call a lazy pazy day.  That means no real plan, but do what comes our way.  That usually means mom giving into the boy playing some games on the computer while I escape into the studio for an hour, but just the freedom of making no committments for the whole day sems luxurious. One more week to Brandon Folk Festival  and we are pumped for fun.

In the garden, raspberies are starting, but I am in a rebuilding of this patch and it wont happen overnight.  It seems their migration to the middle of the garden is decided, and I am using the backside for vines, zucchini, pumpkins, and canteloupes are moving along and hopefully battling the quackgrass successfully.   

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