Saturday, September 7, 2013

Agro Tourism in Manitoba

I think I am pretty transparent of my support of things local and handmade.  As a potter and a micro urban organic farmer, I need support of the great customers I have and hope to have, and try to do the same for others.  One of the great things I gleaned from my time at Pine Ridge Hollow Farmers Market was learning about the Penners Pumpkin farm at Giroux Manitoba.

Today was our first visit of the season.  A small family operation they are offering good wholesome fun in the outdoors with hay bales, pumpkins , petting zoo, paint ball (of a very tame sort) duck races, a little zipline and more.  We always have a good time, if we dont go with a friend, G usually makes one or more there. It is only an hour from home if we dont go down my favorite Highway 311 with many stops at bakeries, cheese factories, garden centres, and MCC thrift stores.  A very good outing!!

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