Sunday, September 1, 2013

Say it isnt so...

September 1!  How did it happen.  Summer has slipped away.  It is not that I feel shortchanged, I have been to the beach, been in the garden for hundreds of hours, had a trip away, and spent many hours of unplanned time with Mr. G.

It is just that I want more!!! I love summer and the heat, and the fruit, and just the more up beat attitude of people in this northern climate.  I feel the pressure of getting ready for activities for me, for my little man, for finishing up the canning, jamming and harvesting in the garden, and making gobs of pots for the shows I have committed myself too.

Here are a few shots from our busy July and August

Now to get ready for the Manitoba Fibre Festival, WEST Sale, and Scattered Seeds, all within the next 7 weeks

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