Friday, October 11, 2013

Empty Bowls Gala for Winnipeg harvest

As artists and craftspeople, we are regularly called on to donate our work for causes.  When a cause like Winnipeg Harvest comes along, I am happy to oblige.  While I personally prefer to work on food security issues, I know that Winnipeg Harvest is an important part of feeding many, many people in Winnipeg, and these fundraisers give them a lot of buying power.

So,,,,,one of the benefits is I get a ticket to the Gala next week, not something I would ordinarily go to as I prefer my farmer/potter clothes but I will break out some real shoes and a real dress for this one.  Hopefully I can stay up until 9:00, which is my usual bedtime to enjoy the festivities.  I am attaching the link, in case people are interested in seeing the other beautiful bowls that have been donated.

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