Friday, December 27, 2013

Seasons greetings and top 10 accomplishments list.

Coming to the end of 2013! It has been another jam packed year of parenting, working, gardening, pottery and travel.Here are my TOP 10 for 2013!!! 
1. First year of a CSA
2.  new product-buttons were a great hit.
3.  learning to glaze fire pottery in my own kiln, with comfort.
4.  Adopting another rabbit into the family, and giving more responsibility to Mr. Ga
5.  Driving a rental car in Florida and navigating through Tampa and a causeway.

6.  Becoming more active on Etsy and starting to build friendships that are not base on being a parent.
7. making 150 soap plates for an order without losing my mind.
8.  working on more collaborations with other women entrepeneurs
9.  adding new stores like a Slice of Life and As Time Goes By to the venues that carry my work
10. Making a promise to myself that I need to have fun when I do shows, and if I don't not to do them again.  

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