Saturday, May 17, 2014

French Fry Gardening

this afternoon we had a little kick off to the gardening season in conjunction with Jamie Olivers FRD2014, Food Revolution Day. It is a global event, mostly about cooking, real not factory food, but food starts on the farm, so I decided to go back to basics. In September we can harvest the potatoes and have a feast of french fries, baked potatoes or mashed.. If its cold maybe potato soup!!

I thought we should have a family potato planting event, with the kids learning about the way potatoes grow, and in a container.  It was brief, but I still think it was a good start, motivates me to get out there and fight back the weeds.  HOping to do more events like this over the season as part of my mission to help families be more involved and knowledgeable about where their food comes from.  Here are a few pictures, of new little farmers

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