Friday, March 12, 2010

Needing to stretch it out.

Over the last year, I find that I have to work on the clay in fits and spurts, and this is not really working with my back and neck pain.  I try to make it so that I don't overdo things, but on days like today when I needed to use the slab roller at the studio, and then make an unexpected trip to the car dealership with the car because of a scary sensor light going on, I probably pushed the envelope, and now I am icing most of my body trying to relieve the massive headache that has been created.

It doesn't seem that it has gotten bad enough to make me want to stop, I really hope to get the herb markers and some cannisters made in the next couple of days.  I do have the next week off so I hope that things "loosen" up so I can make my ideas for clay go beyond ideas.

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