Sunday, July 4, 2010

so much for that long weekend

It's Sunday night and the last four days have been a reminder that my plans for what is going to happen, are just that plans.  I had the car all packed and the produce harvested for a bright and sunny opening day to Farmer's Market.  However, the weather had other ideas with black skys, rumbling thunder and Dappler radar talking about possible tornadoes???
Well, that was enough for me, as well as the pouring rain, and from there it went.  Not much went as planned this weekend, including cutting a stay at our friends' cottage short, cause I couldn't breathe.  Appears to be a combination, of cold, allergy, high humidity and cat hair.  Can't seem to handle those combinations.  Today I had no voice, and no energy. 

Tomorrow is Monday, back to "real life", at least I know what to expect.

Friday is Farmer's Market in Carman, or at least I hope so.

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