Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready, set , go...

It's that time of year when all of us crafty types get a little loopy, or more blurry as we try to optimize these brief moments of folks going out purposefully looking for handmade and hopefully local goods for giving.  I am madly making last minute things for some smaller venues that have popped up,, like poppycock and candies that I can package extravanagantly, christmas decorations that aren't made of clay, starfruit are in the dehydrator as I write this to go into handmade potpourri and in some daylight hour when I am not at work, we will try to harvest Hawthorn berries to add some more color to that potpourri.

I always said I should have had the Walton size family, this energy has to be harnassed! It seems to go into "making" things for others, and that is the joy for me.  All those years I made 25 kinds of jam, preserves and chutney, it was the making, the shopping, or growing, the canning, the smell , the colors, and all the jars lined up in the cupboard.  I still love that, and I still don't eat jam.

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