Friday, August 26, 2011

Hoping for a Great Farmer's Market tomorrow

I love being at the market on saturday mornings, but tomorrow will be my last day for this season. I am finding it hard to work all week, try to harvest vegetables, load the car, do market standing up for 5 hours, repack and load the truck and then still try to have weekend fun with my little boy. It's the dang balance thing again, sometimes my spirit is willing but my back is weak. Went for an xray today, and hope that nothing is really wrong, but I am getting tired of the chronic pain, which doesn't really change over the last few months.

Tomorrow will be sunny, and while I am at market I hope to connect with lots of the wonderful customers we have at Pineridge Hollow, and will be offering a 25.00 gift certificate of pottery! the entry box wil out in front for all to see!

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