Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shows for Spring and Summer

the new season of sales and shows is coming together.  See the column to the right for details. or email me with questions/requests at nancyblokland@msn.com. I will have another firing of electric this month, and then quickly move on to more pots for the gas kiln the first week of June. 
The seeds have arrived, and the plan for edible landscape will take shape. Hopefully the roofers come soon, so we are not working at cross purposes.  This year I will have more Okra with their beautiful flowers, 4 or 5 kinds of new squash including Patty Pan, more sunflowers for beauty , privacy and to draw the birds in the fall, and lots of beautiful eggplant.  Coleus cuttings are coming along nicely, and will need to have lots of dark greens for healthy eating for Mama, the boy and Peter Rabbit.

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