Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Spring and the orders are coming in...

Time to get ready for the Spring/Summer sales with lots of new stock that's appropriate for mother's day, weddings, retirements etc..... I hope to get lots produced in the next 7 weeks, before time to get into the garden.  My coleus cuttings from Lenore were "harvested" today, to go into pendants, and I started on a birdhouse to look like the houses we saw in Managua.

I expect to have Nicaraguan arts and crafts influencing my pots for the next while.  Here are a few samples.
It's Spring and also time for Spring Cleaning, which means a SALE.  I am going to have a Stoneware Pottery sale as I need to convert my basement into a bedroom temporarily.  All Stoneware 50% off, call me or email if you are interested. Now till April 30th.

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